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Nat's childcare (0.62 miles)

My name is Natasha. I live with my husband Ian and we have two children called Max aged 6 and Amelia aged 1 so I have a lot of knowledge just from being a mum. I'm based very close to Warwick University and offer a warm and welcoming home away from home for the children where they can both learn and develop in a safe and fun environment. I have a fully enclosed garden with lots of space and equipment to play and learn in, with a choice of different toys to choose from. I have a separate playroom with a range of different toys and games like sensory, musical instruments, craft, small world, dolls, cars and so much more. I attend a variety of different groups so the children have the opportunity to play and socialise with other children of a similar age in a large group as well as being able to have the one to one time with myself. We will also visit a number of parks, play areas, and libraries and shops to help expand their knowledge of the world and people in it. I do the school run for Mount Nod Primary and I'm obviously also Ofsted registered.
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