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My name is Charlotte and I have 9+ years of experience working with children in many different settings. I started working as a Nanny when I graduated from University and have been working as a Maternity Nurse since gaining my Level 4 Postnatal Maternity Care Award.

I am currently working with newborn twins and have been since they were 6 weeks old, doing overnights with them and working in both a shared role with mum and in a sole charge capacity.

I am very calm and easy-going, I have endless patience with children and my approach with them is tailored to their needs and the needs of the family. I can help with setting up a routine which best fits your baby and your family and have experience living in with a family and being on call, sharing rooms with your newborn to look after their needs during the night so you can get the sleep you need to recover from pregnancy and labour and to be a happy and well-rested parent during the day.

I am currently looking for maternity nurse or mother's help roles, either full-time 24 hour roles, daily jobs or overnight work.