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My Name is Faye Powell.
I am a registered Childminder with CSSIW, I am registered to care for up to six children.
I aim to provide the children in my care with a warm, friendly, caring and stimulating environment that encourages learning through play and supports stages of development.
Children will have access to other learning facilities such as the local library, park, castle, toddler clubs, baby clubs, soft play centre, music group, messy play sessions.

I Live with my partner and two school age children, Close to Caerphilly town centre.
My Children attend a Welsh school.
I provide healthy snacks and home cooked meals. We follow a healthy eating plan.

My services are available from 07:00am to 06:00pm, I am willing to offer child care on weekends.
Special rates for siblings and a day rate.
Spaces available

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