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I am an Ofsted Registered childminder and mother to a lovely, lively one year old called Emilie. We live in Bookham and are looking forward to welcoming some new friends to come and join us.

I have extensive training in Early Years and have lots of experience working with babies and young children, both in home and nursery settings. Before going on maternity leave last year I was working as a project manager for the NHS. I have loved every minute of being at home with Emilie and looking after her little friends so it seemed only right to put my childcare qualifications to good use again and register with Ofsted as a childminder.

I have always been an active person running marathons, playing hockey and waterskiing. As a result I love to introduce Emilie to great new experiences and activities. We are incredibly lucky with the amazing facilities in the area and love getting out and about to the local playgroups, parks, farms, swimming pools and as a member of the National Trust we are always out for walks and adventures with the loving, obedient family dog!

It's really important to me that the children in my care flourish in all areas of their development and benefit from a personal and nurturing environment. For this reason I will only be looking to take on one or two children.

If you would like to come and meet us please just let me know.
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