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I have been a childminder since 2013, after working as my wife's assistant for 2 years.
I have recently had my Ofsted inspection, gaining a rating of good.
My setting in clean , Free flowing, warm and friendly and safe and secure for both parent(s) and children.
Children in my care are encouraged to be confident and relaxed, by myself being sensitive and understanding towards each child's individual needs and devolvement.
My setting has a wide range of opportunities for children to make choices and think creatively, through role play and craft activities.
My setting provides many opportunities for independent play and learning. Space is organised and planned to encourage children to develop their own interests.
A good range of resources are consistently made available and appropriate for the age and stage of each child.
My setting is secured front and rear with no immediate access to any main roads.
The areas used within my setting are always safe and secure for children, with regular risk assessment checks where needed.
Feel free to contact me for my E-brouchure.
Accepts childcare vouchers Spaces available Participates in tax free childcare 3 & 4 Year old early education entitlement 2 Year old early education entitlement

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