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Theobalds Child Daycare Service (0.44 miles)

Eve Theobald has been a Registered childminder since January 1992 and was graded 'Outstanding' by OFSTED at her last 3 inspections. She holds a CACHE level 3 certificate in Childminding Practice (equivalent to NVQ3).
Chris Theobald and Becky Rowledge are Childminding Assistants (DBS checked), and have attended available training.
We work alongside Smiley Happy People Nursery and will often join them for special events and activities, particulary at Christmas. They currently collect chdren from Tregadillet school on our behalf. This reduces traffic at the school and therefore, our carbon footprint too. :-)
Other part-time assistants/students/trainees, are sometimes with us on placement or to cover staff shortage or special events. Please rest assured that appropriate checks (DBS) will have been made to ascertain their suitability for this role.
At tcds - we provide a variety of activities and experiences, in a safe, child-friendly environment.
We offer equal opportunities for all children, and aim to recognise, stimulate and develop children's social, emotional, physical, intellectual and creative capabilities.
We respect each family's beliefs, traditions and wishes for the care of their children.
We are a 'Smoke Free' environment.
Working hours:
Monday: 8 - 9am/ 3- 6pm
Tuesday: 8am - 6pm
Wednesday: 8am - 6pm
Thursday: 8am - 6pm
Friday: 8am - 6pm
Unsociable hours on weekdays (i.e. outside of those stated above) = £5.00 per hour
Weekends: by special arrangement only: £7.50 per hour
Accepts childcare vouchers Looking to partner with other providers School / Nursery runs Participates in tax free childcare 3 & 4 Year old early education entitlement 2 Year old early education entitlement

Tracey's childcare (0.95 miles)


Eve's childcare (0.44 miles)