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My name is Louise. I live with my Husband- Gordon and two daughters Alana and Eloise. We also have two guinea pigs- Bubbles and Fluffy as well as a small fish tank. I work with a part time assistant called Kim she used to be a childminder and brings alot of experience and ideas to the setting. Having Kim here allows me to offer more flexibiity to existing parents.

We spend alot of time outdoors- every morning at least. We attend the local playgroups, the park- which is across the road, the local activity farm and the occasional trip to the wildlife park.

I have a well equipped garden which is now home to 3 playhouses- two with mud kitchens, we also have a water wall, sand pit, trampoline and sand/water table. We also use the garden to grow a small selection of vegetables and fruit each year which always fascinates the children!

We have a large selection of outdoor toys including, bikes, scooters and cars. We make good use of the local toy library who bring us a delivery every two weeks.

The children enjoy baking, crafts, exploring textures, learning about culture and festivals and investigating the environment on a regular basis. Some of the things we have done in the last year include, watching caterpillars grow and change into Butterflies, freezing and melting ice, making cupcakes, tasting chinese food for Chinese New Year and visiting Paradise Wildlife Park.

If you would like to learn more please contact me to arrange a visit.

Louise xx
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