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Woodentops preschool (0.17 miles)

Woodentops is based at the Potton United Football Club on the outskirts of Potton. We are surrounded by fields and trees which gives us a lovely area to play in. We are an Ofsted rated 'Good' preschool (Jan 2016)
All staff are Early years qualified level 3 or above, with 2 members being level 6. All staff have Paediatric First Aid.
We use 'in the moment planning' so following the children's interests, adding toys/equipment and play experiences to enhance their learning and development. We use a lot of natural toys/ wooden products which the children love to explore. They are very creative with what we offer.
We have a vast array of both indoor and outdoor toys that support the children's play and learning. We visit the RSPB and Standalone farm.
We also have a dance teacher and 'bootcamp' instructor come in once a week, on separate days, to do fun sessions with the children.
We do cooking once a week, with the children choosing what they would like to cook and doing the cooking in groups of 4.
We have an open door policy, where members of the community can visit with their toddlers to see what we do at Woodentops.
We do a weekly blog on Facebook to share with parents what the children have been doing without any pictures of the children.
We look forward to meeting you and your children.
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