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Registered childminders work in their own homes, caring for babies and children in small groups. They work to the EYFS and are inspected by Ofsted. By choosing to be a member of PACEY, childminders can show their professionalism and commitment to their personal development and training.

Myself and Husband are both registered childminders, cygnets2swans childminding. Working together means we can offer bigger flexibility. Eg. School pick up / drops.

We can offer funded places, and except childcare vouchers.

I am a breastfeeding and baby carrying mother of two girls. I also have a 15 year old boy and my Husband has grown up children, who do not live with us.

We offer a caring, fun and educational setting where children look forward to coming and taking part in activities!

We live close to peasholm park, so we will have lots of out door activities, taking in to count all seasons. We also enjoy going on days out to the farm or fun afternoons at the park. We have a eight seater car which comes in handy.

We offer funded places for two, three and four year olds.

Active kid registered - we look forward to getting some nice things for the children to keep them active or to give baking/cooking ideas.

We have a wide selection of resources across two rooms. And plenty of outside toys including a well enjoyed water wall, slide, sand pit and wooden playhouse along with a few ride on toys.
Accepts childcare vouchers School / Nursery runs Spaces available Participates in tax free childcare 3 & 4 Year old early education entitlement 2 Year old early education entitlement

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