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Registered childminders work in their own homes, caring for babies and children in small groups. They work to the EYFS and are inspected by Ofsted.

OFSTED graded my setting GOOD in 2016

I open 7:30 - 6pm Monday to Friday (48 weeks of the year)

I aim to work together in partnership with parents to provide all children in my care with safe, flexible care in a home from home environment where everyone feels valued. The children are encouraged to take part in a wide variety of activities within the local community, where they mix with children of differing ages and develop an awareness of social skills. These experiences provide many opportunities for children to develop new skills, increasing their self- confidence and independence.

My setting has a garden and we have several parks in the area. Children enjoy arts and crafts, stories, singing, soft play area, library and lots more.

I drop off/collect from Longmans Hill School.

I have nearly thirty years experience working within the childcare industry as a live in nanny, nursery nurse in a private nursery, a nursery attached to a college and as a childminder.

I am a qualified N.N.E.B and regularly attend training to keep me up to date.

Please feel free to contact me should you require any further information.
Accepts childcare vouchers Looking to partner with other providers School / Nursery runs Spaces available Participates in tax free childcare 3 & 4 Year old early education entitlement 2 Year old early education entitlement

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