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I am a registered childminder available for childcare in both term time and School holidays.

My husband and I both have DBS checks (although my husband works full time outside of our home) and I have undergone safeguarding training to protect your little one(s). We have two children aged 14 months and 3 years old (February 2017). Our oldest will be starting reception in September 2017 and is currently attending pre-school/nursery at Tower Hill Community Primary School four days a week. We also have a sleepy cat called Oscar.

Having previously used two childminders myself, I am aware of how difficult it can be to find childcare that you are comfortable with. My aim is to offer an experience for children and parents which, combines a safe, comforting, home from home environment with a fun stimulating learning platform.

We will be going out and about to groups, singing, cooking, making or playing in the morning, then returning home for preschool collection, a healthy homemade hot lunch and some play at home, including in the garden. Quiet time and space will be available as required for naps. After school the children will be offered another healthy homemade meal and more time to play and learn.

When childminding I will only have 3 children in my care under School age including my own children. Outside of School hours I may have additional older children in my care too.

I am available to care for children before School, throughout the day, and after School, Monday to Friday, please contact me to discuss your requirements and hours.
School / Nursery runs Spaces available

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