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Settling In

If your child has been away from their childcare setting for a while, it is important to consider this will be a period of transition, and they may need help settling them back in. It may take some time, but with the support of your childcare provider, you can help manage the transition.

Children pick up on their parents’ feelings very easily, so it is important that you try to avoid letting your child know how anxious you may feel.  Children look to their parents for reassurance, so try to remain positive about them going back.

It could be your child hasn't been away from you for prolonged lengths of time. If that is the case, they won't be used to being left with other people, so the experience could be difficult. This, coupled with your own feelings about health concerns or financial worries, will mean it could be a stressful time in your family's life.

If possible, try and arrange some communication between your childcare provider and your child. Perhaps facetime? Maybe you could arrange a social distanced doorstep visit? Try to start re-building this connection before your child starts at the setting.

Don’t expect your child to back to full-time childcare straight away, consider either shorter settling-in sessions or fewer days until you and your provider are confident that your child is ready.

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