About SearchChildcare

SearchChildcare is the free childcare directory from PACEY (Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years).

We know how important it is for parents to find the right childcare. And we know how important it is for childcare professionals to be able to advertise their settings and reach out to parents needing great childcare. So we created SearchChildcare – the free childcare directory and search service.


Having the right childcare arrangements in place is essential – knowing that your child is thriving in a childcare setting gives you the confidence and peace of mind while you’re at work or studying. Childcare settings are all different, and different types of childcare will suit you and your child at different stages of their development. For more detail about typical types of childcare and hints and tips on finding the right care for you, visit our Choosing Childcare section.

SearchChildcare lets you find local childminders, nurseries or nannies and learn more about their settings. Many providers link to their most recent inspection report and their website or social media pages. You can message any childcarers you’re interested securely and for free.


Share the selling points of your setting to attract local parents. You can also link to your setting’s website or social media page as well as your inspection report.

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Benefits for PACEY members

If you’re a member of PACEY, you’ll benefit from an enhanced vacancy listing with up to five photos, highlighted boxes, and a PACEY member logo.

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